Firezza - Demand Proper Pizza

Crafted with passion and fire-baked superfast from only £6

New menu & proposition FAQ

Why have your prices gone back up?

We received feedback from our customers that our delivery charges were confusing. So, being the listening types, we have redeveloped our pricing to include delivery. That means the price you see is the price you pay. Fear not, we still have one price for collections and one price if you would like our drivers to drop off your order (which has £2 delivery charge built-in).

You say Pizza from £6, but the majority of your pizzas seem to be more expensive

Our Margherita pizza is £5.95 if you come in to a store and collect. Our other pizzas are still 35% lower than they were and, in comparison to our major competitors, our range of pizza offers amazing value for money.

I used to pay a one-off delivery charge, why has it changed to a delivery charge per pizza?

We want to be 100% transparent about our prices. The feedback we received was that delivery charges were confusing and that clear pricing should be a priority. So now we’ve made sure all delivery costs are included in the pizza prices.

Why am I being charged £2 for delivery even though you said you’ve included delivery in the new pricing?

We try to do things differently to our competitors. So, we offer to deliver single pizza orders. But we make it clear that when the value of an order is less than £12.50, you can either pay an additional £2 for delivery, or add more to your order to put the value above £12.50. This helps us cover the cost of sending out a delivery person.

What are your deals?

We bring you Proper Pizza from £6 for collection and £8 for delivery. All day. Every day. For a hand stretched ¼ metre pizza, equivalent to a 12” standard / medium pizza. Although we don’t do ‘deals’, our prices beat the average collection price of our competitors, even when they offer 2 pizzas for the price of 1.

  • Papa Johns = £13.99
  • Dominos = £13.99
  • Pizza Hut = £12.49
  • FIREZZA = FROM £5.95 (£6)

  • What is the Proper Pizza Revolution?

    We believe proper pizza should be crafted with passion and fire-baked superfast. Proper pizza is the antidote to bad pizza. We say no to greasy stuffed crusts and dodgy ingredients. And down with confusing deals that require a calculator. Pizza should be simple, so we created a simplified menu of your favourites, with the same price every day, all day.

    What happened to my favourite pizza?

    If you’re worried your favourite isn’t on our menu, check out our Create-Your-Own option. You can design the pizza of your liking with a base and toppings of your choice.