Below are some of the more recent reviews about Firezza taken from magazines and websites.

  • Winner - Pizza Delivery Operator in UK

    PAPA Industry Award 2013

  • "The best take-away pizzas, bar none", thanks to their "wonderful, crisp, thin bases" and "yummy" toppings"

    (Harden's 2012)

  • "We won it again this year "WINNER regional pizza delivery chain 2010-PAPA industry award"

    "GOLD AWARD WINNER Pizza Delivery Chain 2009-PAPA Industry Awards"

  • "Find me a better pizza delivery service!" these "brilliant" take-away win many raves for their "fantastic bases and delicious toppings."

    (Harden's 2010)

  • "A bona fide taste of Italy the pizzas had a to-die-for thin base, piled high with fresh, flavoursome toppings"

    MATCHBOX MAGAZINE October 2009

  • "London's smartest pizza delivery company"

    (Sunday Times)

  • "Skinny Pizza, a favourite of Lily Ciole, makes a delicious slice, that's full of flavour and brings out the best of Firezza's crispy base"

    (The Hill)

  • "Firezza, had a host of models, including Lily Cole, tripping over theirs stilettos to get to their limited edition Skinny Pizza"

    (Daily Mail)

  • "...posh pizza..." every Tuesday the mozzarella is flown over from Italy and the dough is made on the day, not frozen"..."


  • "If you're looking for excellent pizza, which is delivered to your door and made with top quality organic and gourmet ingredients, then look no further than Firezza"

    (The London Reviewer)

  • "Firezza's wood-fired pizzas are ordered by the metre, so are ideal for parties. Do not worry they taste nothing like normal takeaways"

    (The Londonpaper)

  • "Seriously the best pizza you can ever get" -an oft heard claim regarding this "impressive" take-away chain; and the worst report-the food is "always well-concieved, and well executed"

    (Harden's 2009)

  • "...this is a useful chain-name to remember."

    (TATLERS Resturant Guide 2007)

  • "ZAGAT rated 2008"


  • "Authentic Italian pizzas don't get better than this..."


  • "Favourite option for many reporters."

    (Harden's 2008)

  • "...they promised delivery in 30 to 40 minutes: ours arrived in 22 minutes"

    (Evening Standard Magazine)