Firezza - Demand Proper Pizza

We believe in proper pizza

The best kind of pizza is one that's made for sharing. That's why at Firezza, we serve pizza by the metre... the true Neapolitan way. Using only the freshest ingredients, our speciality dough is hand-stretched. Fire-baked at 400°C & served superfast - all day, every day.

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Our history

Way back in 2001...

Our founder Edin took a little trip to Italy and discovered how to make proper pizza. It's simple really - you combine people who care with great ingredients and FIRE, then sell it by the metre for a great price.

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London calling

Starting in Battersea

Edin brought this simple concept to London, and the people seemed to like it. So now we have over 20 stores, delivering all over London and UK - as far afield as Exeter, Milton Keynes, Reading, and Staines.

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